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Mio Takenaka is an early childhood educator, director, and mentor with over 15 years of experience in the field working with children, families, and caregivers of various backgrounds. Mio was born and raised in Newton MA, where she discovered her passion for early childhood education in high school, volunteering for the in-house preschool. She graduated in 2010 with a Master of Education from University of Massachusetts Amherst, and also gave birth to her daughter the same year. Through motherhood and working as a lead pre-K teacher, she served as a mentor to new educators while expanding her knowledge as a leader. 

Since 2015, Mio has been a director of a center-based childcare program in Brookline MA. She serves 60+ families with children under 5yrs old and manages 20 staff members, acting as a liaison between them to provide high quality childcare. She is passionate about promoting equality for early childhood educators, educating families on play-based learning philosophy, and most importantly fostering children's development during their most significant years.


米国マサチューセッツ州ボストン出身の教育者、園長、メンター。幼児教育を専門に、様々な子供達、親族、教育者とWorking with経歴を15年以上持つ教育者、園長、メンター。ニュートン市で生まれ育ち、高校時代に幼児教育への関心を発見。2010年にマサチューセッツ大学院を卒業し、教育免許取得、そして娘も誕生。子育てや幼稚園の先生として勤務する中、経験と知識を積みながら他の教育者へのメンタリング等も提供。2015年よりブルックラインにある保育園の園長として務め始め、現在も0-5歳の子を持つ60家族と15-20人の教育者と共にリエゾンとして活動しながら最良の保育提供を目指してる。


Mio Takenaka

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