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We are a community that supports career development of Japanese English speaking professionals. We educate, inspire, and help one another to take actions to improve racial and gender equality in our society.


What we do

  1. Curate various educational seminars that will serve Japanese working women's specific needs such as overcoming language and cultural barriers. 

  2. Provide access to necessary tools and mindset that will help optimize each individual's potential and to excel further in career and in life

  3. Create a cohort of inspiring women who aspire to make each other's lives better, to cultivate a true sense of sisterhood among working women to achieve greater impact - Providing mentorship opportunity

  1. 世代を問わず,多様な業種の日本の女性に対し,毎月セミナー等のイベントを提供します。

  2. ネットワークコミュニティ内のリソースを共有します。コミュニティでは,個人の可能性を引き出し,キャリアとライフの双方を充実させるスキルだけでなく、マインドセットの発展に役立つツールやサポートを提供します。

  3. 意欲的な女性同志が各々の多様性を尊重し,建設的な社会変革を目指して協力し合います。

Our Mission

 To be a platform that supports Japanese and English speaking female professionals of various backgrounds, with a mission to educate, inspire, and advance one another to improve visibility as well as gender equality in our career and life.




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